Non-Day Days

Does anyone else have a problem with non-day days?
Days like today when you have no particular place to go? These days are rare for me but usually happen on Mondays if they happen at all. I have grand plans to get the laundry caught up, clean the house up from the clutter of the busy weekend, and play with the kids all day. So why then, do I always end up showerless, tired and frustrated at the end of the day? I usually can’t get up since I am exhausted from running all weekend. Then I do get up and see the huge mess and feel like taking a nap. I do a video and play a little with the kids before nap time, and try to join in for the rest. But, it never works out, my 3 year old (nearly 4) has all but given up his naps, and isn’t going to take one just because I want to. So I will waste an hour and a half trying to get him to take a nap with me until I am ready to wring his little neck. So I am grumpy and way behind. Then I try to get stuff done with a totally whacked out nearly four year old who’s dumb mom tried to get him to take a nap. Doing dishes and laundry while being karate chopped incessantly makes things pretty interesting. Then Penny gets up, shower dreams are lost. I feel like such a loser! I know that the rest of the week I will be a busy, competent, and fairly good-smelling woman. But for the day I feel totally lazy and gross. I guess what I need to do is try to remember that a lot of people have these days and that I need some down time after the crazy weekend and before the crazy part of the week begins. Dang, I gotta hit that shower, haha!

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